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So I’ve seen a bunch of people changing to Christmas icons already, so I just want everybody to know that the icons I made last year are still on my blog. Just click the link. Feel free to use them, no need to ask, just go ahead and save them. If you want to reblog them, you can find the posts here.

If people are really persistent enough, I might think about making some new ones. Only if you all want me to. So message me if you guys want new icons, and if enough people do, I’ll make some.

goodbye my lover
goodbye my friend
you have been the one
you have been the one for me


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imogeli replied to your video: 
i don’t even like fimogen and this gave me feels ouch and don’t even get me started on the camaya portion lOL BYE

tbh i am not crazy in love with fimogen but i did like them a lot and they fit the song really well because they did really love and care about each other so the fact that they split up was sad. AND HAHA DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THAT PORTION EITHER UGH I KEPT SOBBING THE ENTIRE TIME PLS

goodbye my lover - [fimogen & camaya] | watch in 720p

editor’s note: youtube diminished the quality of this video but it’s endurable so i hope you enjoy it anyway

Anonymous sent:
where did you go???

idk i haven’t been feeling it

i’m usually on my multifandom now

lifeasbritney sent:
what happened to you doing this: "omfg i can’t wait for the scene with eli and carriage to air so i can make an au gifset of eclare being an actual fairy tale"

Anonymous sent:
I'm making a gifset and both my gifs are 245px x 345px, but they are not uploading side by side. How do I fix this?

you have to rearrange it so they are just like click on the gif in edit mode and move it so it’s next to each other

Anonymous sent:
Hi, I have a question if you could possibly help me out? I'm trying to make a photoset on tumblr just by adding (9) pictures together. I resized all the images I put in but the bottom row is smaller than the other two. Do you know how I can make them all of equal size? Thanks! X

you have to make sure the images are the same height and width


Anon asked Olivia Scriven or Alex Steele

Favorite Actor → Dylan Everett

Favorite Actor  Dylan Everett